Green Diamond plans to clearcut around strawberry rock

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Clear-cutting planned on Strawberry Rock Trail

Update post on 3/21/11

Green Diamond, owners of around 400,000 acres of forest in the northern Redwood belt, plan to log at least one rare pocket of century old Redwoods near Strawberry Rock in Trinidad, California. The proposed clear-cut would decimate the forest and bury the main trail to Strawberry Rock in tangled debris. Other areas of forest would be clear-cut in the area surrounding of the popular megalith.

This logging plan includes 84 acres of clear-cutting and 25.5 acres of "selection" logging.  The main trail up to Strawberry Rock passes through a grove with trees over 100 years old, this is marked on the maps as "Unit E". 18 acres are slated for clear-cutting in that patch. 6.5 is marked for selection. There are very few trees left in the Trinidad area even close to 100 years old. The forest on the west facing slopes and terraces uphill from Trinidad was mostly clear-cut in the early 1900's and later burned in a huge fire in 1945. It was then logged again, the timber company (companies?) took most of the remaining big trees. Green Diamond aims to take some of the very few that remain, a grove that holds significance for many people who visit the rock and the forest.

Maps and other details here. Scroll down to the bottom of the document for maps.

This file contain the forest description, or "stand description",  from Green Diamond.

If you want to send in a comment letter on the plan to regulatory agency Calfire, today is the last day they will accept them as far as we know. Calfire has already recommended the plan for approval. Their email address is:

The logging plan is #1-10-137

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